Crew Witness Statements

Arlo Daniels - Transcript

"During dinner Sam mentioned he thought he’d seen some cracking around the superstructure of Dome D, as he was checking some wiring earlier, so I headed straight over there once I’d finished. I inspected the area on the inside of the dome he mentioned but found nothing, maybe he just mis -saw something. Once I’d inspected it I headed back to Dome A. I passed Sam on my way and indicated everything was fine. He was heading towards Dome C. Once I was inside I made my way to the common room, where I jumped on the treadmill Xiu had just vacated. I was still on the treadmill when the news broke."

Coral Rana - Transcript

"We had another pretty average meal, with pretty average conversation. As soon as I felt it was ok to leave, I headed back to my room. I went the long way round (looping around Dome E) to get there because Sam was leaving at the same time and I didn’t want to have to walk with him and make small talk. Then as I was entering Dome D I heard someone leaving the biochemical lab, but again I really didn’t feel like talking, so I hid behind a plant pot until they’d gone, then continued to my room. After that I stayed in my room for a while, but I was feeling a bit restless so I headed back to Dome A to pot a few new seedlings."

Courtney Darwin - Transcript

"Everyone ate together as normal, and to be honest it was a very standard meal - a mixture between the rations we get delivered from Earth and what we’ve managed to grow in the hydroponics. I went to the storeroom shortly afterwards to grab a few more rations ahead of breakfast, and while I was in there I noticed Coral walking past the window. I brought the rations back to the kitchen and began cleaning down all the surfaces and utensils. I’d just finished doing that and was heading into the common room when I heard the news about Sam. I still can’t believe it."

David Knight - Transcript

"I didn’t really talk to anyone at dinner because I was a bit distracted. I’d seen something just before dinner. I’m not really sure what, but it was in the Ooqueah craterlet and I honestly don’t think it was human, so yeah, I was a bit obsessed about that. After dinner I headed back to Ooqueah but I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, so I collected some rock samples and took them back to the geological laboratory to analyse them and see if they held any secrets. They didn’t."

Fatima Baggi - Transcript

"I had my food and then quickly headed over to the infirmary to finish up what I’d been working on. Rolando came with me to see how I was getting on and we discussed it for a bit. I was just about to submit a study I’d been doing into how long term living on the moon affects the immune system. I can actually go into a bit more detail about the study, if you like-

Rosalie: "No that’s fine, thank you Fatima. Anything else?"

"Well according to the logs, I submitted that report at 19.22 - 8 minutes early!! The second I’d submitted it I went and stared out of the window, to think about how noone ever wants to talk to me about my study. I looked out for a few minutes and watched Isadora checking over the rocket on her own on the landing pad. Are you sure you don’t want to hear about my study?"

Isadora Whelan - Transcript

"Before dinner I’d been working at the oxygen generator and I’d left my tools there so after dinner I went to collect them and headed over to the launch pad to carry out the daily inspection of the exterior of the rocketship - just looking for any visible signs of damage or degradation. On my way from Dome C to the landing pad, I passed Rolando and waved to him, he waved back. Once I’d carried out the inspection I headed to my room to fill in the inspection log and then I went over to Dome A to relax. I chatted to Nora for a while and then suddenly we all received a call to our radios over the emergency channel to tell us about Samuel."

Nora Gomez - Transcript

"I didn’t exit the Canteen for the entire time period you’re talking about, so I won’t be much help I’m afraid! I’m a very slow eater. Most people left the dome while I was still eating - they’re all used to me, so they don’t wait around for me to finish. Arlo came back shortly after he’d left and jumped onto the treadmill. I think Courtney was buzzing around as usual prepping stuff. Rolando popped in and said hi and then left again. And Isadora came in as well and sat with me just as I was finishing my meal. I think she said she’d been checking the rocket."

Reece Williams - Transcript

"Once we were done eating I went back to the biochemical lab because I was sure that I’d left some equipment on, but when I got there everything was off so I put my suit back on and went over to my room to go to bed because I was so tired. As I was leaving Dome D I saw someone hiding behind a plant pot, I think it was Coral? I didn’t think much of it, she’s quite a recluse, avoids talking to people quite regularly. She didn’t seem to have anything with her. Once I got back to my room, I realised there was one bit of equipment that I hadn’t checked in the lab so I headed back over there and… well you know the rest. Poor Sam. Please catch whoever - or whatever - did that to him."

Rolando Kolaric - Transcript

"After dinner I went with Fatima to the infirmary as she wanted to show me how her study was progressing. I then headed over to the biochemistry lab and on the way I saw Isadora, we waved at each other, I went over to her and spoke to her for at least 5 minutes about the ship. I then popped into the Biochemical Lab for a bit to see if Reece was there but he wasn’t, so I headed back to Dome A to see if Reece was there, but again, no sign, so I decided that I’d just speak to him in the morning and headed back to Dome C to go to sleep."

Rosalie Hardy - Transcript

"In the interest of transparency, I realise I should make one of these statements as well as everyone else. So, here’s what I recall from that night. I had my dinner with everyone else in the canteen, chatted for a bit and then headed over to the command centre to check in with mission control and update them about how we were getting on. And that’s where I stayed, right up until Reece radioed to say that he’d discovered Sam’s body."

Xiu Tang - Transcript

"After we’d eaten I went into the common room and spent some time on the treadmill to keep myself fit. Arlo asked if he could use it after me, so I finished up and then took a leisurely walk over to my bedroom. Nothing seemed weird as I was going over there, but I wasn’t concentrating to be honest, I was mainly just staring at the stars."